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Meet Lori Ann Archer

Brain Training…….Better Learning, Lifetime Achievement.



Lori Ann Archer founded iBrainTrain, LLC in 2009, and is a licensed PACE and iLs provider.  She holds a Florida state educator’s license and endorsements in both reading and gifted education.  Lori has earned her B.S. in Elementary Education from Brooklyn College, she also studied at Adelphi University, and Stonybrook University, in NY.   For the past 30 years she has been dedicating herself to creating positive change within the lives of her students and their families.  Her ability to assess, plan, teach, model, and her vision of change have undoubtedly raised the bar in the education field and those she works with.


Lori's general demeanor presents itself with a smile, a character of warmth and dedication, filled with a heart of sincerity.  These attributes enable her to listen and interpret each client’s individual needs, with a promise of satisfaction.  A comprehensive and carefully formulated customized plan is established for each client.  Lori’s allegiance to her clients and their families is unmatched.  

Lori’s passion and belief of what she can do is evident after your first consultation.  Part of what makes iBrainTrain unique is Lori’s respect of her client’s confidentiality, their needs, open door policy, and the intimate relationships that form.  There isn’t a greater reward than achieving the goals envisioned and changing the quality of the lives of the family members involved.  



Lori’s docile and gentle character may easily be mistaken for passivity but quite contrary to this, a strong-willed and determined individual set to follow a regimen to lead her families to success is what you’ll observe.   Through tremendous perseverance, and hard core drive to be the catalyst that gives hope and provides change is the mission behind iBrainTrain.  Her open mind and flexibility gives her the edge that education needs and for change to occur!  Her direct approach, clear expectations, and high standards allow for optimal growth. With continual feedback and progress monitoring you'll be sure to be headed straight for success!



Lori continues to research and study the field of Brain Training.  She attends various workshops, lectures and keeps abreast of what’s on the cutting edge.  While she's only just begun to tip the iceberg…… can expect great things……..her prediction is that Brain and Cognitive Development is and will become the WAY TO CHANGE AND GET RESULTS that have been sought after for decades.  The most beautiful gift upon completion of training are the gains and achievements made are YOURS TO KEEP and last a LIFETIME!  

Lori has been blessed with three beautiful sons, Grant, Conor, and Troy.  She enjoys spending her free time with them and watching them grow into fine and successful young men. 



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