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Chuck & Jill, Parents, 2012

“We immediately saw an impact and became a believer in Brain Training.  Lori’s positive and clever motivational instincts, her choice of the right material, and her stamina gave our son, Jordan, the boost he needed.  His academic performance has improved. We see his higher self-esteem and have fewer struggles completing homework because he does it on his own now.”


Chuck & Jill, Parents, 2018

“It’s easy to understand the concept of breaking physical inertia through physical efforts.  It’s a much more complicated problem when that inertia is mental and it’s your child. You want the best for him or her, but there are emotional, academic, and other challenges that complicate the problem.”

“We’ve found that Brain Training, as delivered by Lori, came as advertised.  But we can now report long term personal results.  We not only saw results within months (increased confidence, higher levels of stamina to do homework and study), but we’re delighted to be able to report- 6 yrs later-that Jordan’s academic performance remained at the higher level he achieved after receiving Lori’s help.  We remember the 3-5 60 min sessions per week, for many months- parental stamina required.” 

“Our son, Jordan, consistently performs “B” or better work in every subject. “A’ grades were not anticipated before Lori’s program. Afterwards, they were always achievable and were no surprise when achieved.”  “We’ve now known Lori for 10 yrs as a Brain Trainer and fellow travel baseball team parent.  We know her “on the job” and “off.” She’s now a good friend who proved she excels and delivers at this specialty. She’s sincere and invested in making a positive difference in people’s lives. As you would hope she’d be.”


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