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Reading & Writing


Courtney Johnson has been a Florida resident since the age of six . Fully enjoying the tropical environment and diversity of cultures, she has lived in areas between Miami and Port St. Lucie.  Courtney earned her Bachelor's degree in Education from FAU in 2008. She taught for about three years before earning her Master's degree in Reading through Barry University. Courtney's 12 years of teaching have been in all subjects and grade levels ranging from 1-10th grade.  She chose to specialize in Reading when  she realized how crucial reading is to all subject areas and to educational success. As a teacher, she loves learning new things and implementing them in her classroom to help students achieve their academic goals. 

When she is not teaching, Courtney enjoys spending her free time with her 8 year-old daughter.  Her favorite things to do are usually outside and moving actively, unless otherwise curled up with a great book and one (or all) of her three kitties.

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